Thursday, May 23, 2024

Throughout my 15 years of living in Cambridge, my favorite part has always been the abundance of green spaces in the city. Biking in the park was one of my favorite outdoor activities to do as I was growing up. In addition to its commitment to open and green spaces, Cambridge has pursued many other initiatives to be more green, such as implementing renewable energy options, launching a curbside compost collection program and adopting several sustainable building standards to encourage energy efficient architecture. Unfortunately, our reliance on fossil fuels is threatening the green spaces I love. Cambridge has consistently been a leader in sustainability and innovation, and I believe Massachusetts can do the same.

That’s why I would like Massachusetts to achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2045. Just as Cambridge has led the state toward a cleaner and more renewable future, Massachusetts should lead the nation.

While the current stay-at-home orders may have led to improvements in air quality and reduced carbon emissions, these impacts are short-lived. To continue the fight against climate change, we must transition off of the dirty fossil fuels that are polluting our air and environment.

Rania Rahmoune, for the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group