Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Challenger running for City Council for the first time

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Background: Poker player and data scientist | Focuses: Environment; rent control, rent stabilization and a legal fund and housing assistance for tenants facing displacement; and free public transportation


From A Better Cambridge, Sept. 19: What’s the No. 1 strategy or policy you want the next City Council to pursue on housing?

We need to abolish the role of the city manager and move to a direct mayor-council form of government that has the power to enact change. The mayor is democratically elected; the city manager is not. A lot of people mention reforming the process, but I see it as part of the problem.

From the Cambridge Nonprofit Coalition: How would you increase the diversity of voices on city projects and as members of Cambridge boards and committees?

Cambridge is not actively discouraging people from all walks of life from participating on boards or committees, but most people do not have the time, resources, energy or support to join in on these governing bodies. The best way to actually engage the public is widespread outreach programs – through the high school, youth activities, Cambridge Biking Safety and other subgroups that engage people who may not even know they could be a part of a local governing board. In other words, if you seek out people who wouldn’t normally join and ease the burden of entry, you will get a diversity of participants.

From the Cambridge Citizens Coalition, Sept 26: Cambridge is about to hire a city manager. Describe your ideal city manager for this time and their qualities.

Me. I’d make the best city manager. But I’ll settle for being a city councillor.