Friday, February 23, 2024

The East Cambridge Planning Team will hold its annual elections for three members of the board of directors and president May 11, with nominations taking place April 27. Both meetings will be held via the Zoom teleconferencing platform.

Board terms are three years. The president has a one-year term and is elected by the membership from among the board of directors, including those newly elected.

Candidates must either be present at the meeting or have indicated in writing to a board member that they are interested in being nominated. The nominees must be residents of East Cambridge and voting members of the team.

To vote, a person must be a resident of East Cambridge and must attend the nominations or voting proceedings via Zoom. They also must have satisfied one of the following requirements: have attended a total of 11 meetings during the 12 months before the meeting in which votes are cast; or have attended one of the two consecutive regular meetings held immediately before the meeting at which votes are cast. (New members – those who have never voted – must attend two consecutive meetings immediately before the meeting at which votes are cast before being eligible to vote.)

The East Cambridge Planning Team was founded in 1965.