Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Challenger running for City Council for the first time

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Background: Data scientist and entrepreneur | Focuses: Environment, affordable housing and congestion


Compiled by Matt Rocha

As a community organizer, Hanratty rallied residents of Porter Square to call for changes to the Cycling Safety Ordinance. He has founded several successful companies. He holds a master’s degree in data science and has lived in Cambridge for 30 years with his wife and son.

Housing: “I oppose Affordable Housing Overlay zoning because it relegates this critical responsibility to random developer whims, depends on failed urban renewal tall-building strategies, reduces green space and harms neighborhoods. Moving forward, we must consider the different requirements of homeless, low-income and working-class housing within the city and region.” 

Climate policy: “Climate change threatens the world and will soon drive all our decisions. I started two clean-energy companies to address CO2 and harmful emissions. I will advocate for effective CO2 policies within a global context and throughout our government.”

Road infrastructure: “I will advocate for experienced traffic engineering for all modes of traffic and demand real data to propose changes and measure results to ensure success. I believe safe bike lanes are important, but I will advocate changes to the Cycling Safe Ordinance. Its implementation does not solve our transportation challenges, removes parking, harms businesses and makes roads less safe.”

Pet project: Hanratty is interested in data and bike lane infrastructure. He combined the two in an article for CommonWealth Magazine.

Participatory budgeting: 

“Cambridge does not have enough real data on traffic to make good decisions … I’d like to run a pilot study that installs automated monitoring devices on a few test roads to count bikes, e-bikes and other micro-mobility devices using bike lanes”

Favorite place: “The Fresh Pond walking path, dog beach and golf course.”