Sunday, June 16, 2024

Festival fashion is a flashy and opulent style subculture that takes over social media every spring and summer as people flock to outdoor music. There’s no uniform aesthetic, but maximalism is a must – with ticket prices so high, you might as well go all out – and becomes part of the escapism and experience. If you have tickets for an upcoming event and need outfit inspiration, these lookbooks courtesy of the lovely attendees of Boston Calling are for you.

With photos by Julia Levine.


Lookbook 1: Celestial

Direct sunlight has one benefit: The glittery stars and moons appearing on everything from sneakers to skirts to dresses to capes sparkle even brighter.


Lookbook 2: Glittery

If you’ve never worn anything sparkly, take the plunge. Glitter can be incorporated into any outfit at any comfort level and is gender neutral.


Lookbook 3: Accessories

Accessories are half the battle when it comes to festival fashion. Where else are you supposed to wear a pink, sparkly cowboy hat? Wide-brimmed hats and fans are helpful when dealing with the heat and the sun. Cowboy boots might give you a heel blister if not broken in properly, but at least your toes won’t get stepped on in the pit.


Lookbook 4: We match!

Matching or coordinating outfits is not only fun but a good way to ensure you don’t lose your buddy in the crowd. Match aesthetics, color schemes or accessories, whatever works best for creating more shared memories with favorite people.