Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Bill Gates visited Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology today, prognosticating and pontificating. (Electronic paper was one of the key technologies he plugged, which must have been an attempt to ingratiate himself further at MIT, home of the Media Laboratory that gave it birth. Cambridge is also home to the company E-Ink, which seems to be basing its future entirely on the product.)

Oh, and amusing.

Among the funniest things the Microsoft founder said, found in tomorrow’s report by the Boston Herald’s Jon Chesto, was in response to a question about the company’s role as an investor in Comcast, which  wants to buy Disney.

“We’ve always been clear that we’re a software company,” Gates said of Microsoft. “You won’t see us buying a movie studio or some big communications asset or those kinds of things.”

Really, Bill. The words — if they count as words — Xbox, Slate and iLoo come to mind. As does MSNBC. Oh, and here’s a link to Microsoft’s hardware page.