Friday, February 23, 2024

The Greater Boston Alternative Comedy Sleepover was abruptly ended by the Cantab Lounge, the Central Square bar that hosted the weekly free comedy show in its basement bar, co-founder Chris Coxen said Wednesday. The show ran every Monday since June, including this past Monday, often with packed houses but more recently with erratic crowds and some empty seats.

In mid-October, Coxen approached local colleges with communications departments in hopes of better promoting the show — but the effort came too late.

The other co-founder, Rob Potylo, said there could be another contributing factor: It went poorly when we made a foray upstairs Monday to a Cantab singer-songwriter show in his Robby Roadsteamer persona. His comedy was too abrasive for the upstairs crowd.

Coxen said he might look for another venue to host the show.