Tuesday, May 21, 2024

011110i-biz-chartFor the second month in a row, business-creation numbers from the city clerk’s office suggest a return to figures seen before the recession.

There were 55 businesses created or renewed for operation in December, five more than in December 2006. The current recession is considered to have begun in December 2007, when only 38 businesses were created or renewed

But if expectations were for business creation and renewal to be similarly low in December 2008, clerk’s records will be an upset; there were 64 recorded.

If the numbers are meaningful at all, they may be most meaningful when looked at as a quarter. In October, November and December, there were 156 businesses created or renewed, six more than for the same quarter in 2008.

But before the recession, in the October-to-December quarter of 2006, there were 168 such records in the clerk’s office. In that quarter from 2007, when the country was landing in recession, the figure is only 131.

Data from 2005 are no longer available from the clerk’s office.