Saturday, July 20, 2024

Does Cambridge have a predisposition to doing things the hard way? At Monday’s meeting of the City Council, during a discussion of a decaying Central Square, councillor Ken Reeves brought up — for the second time in a month — South by Southwest, the phenomenally popular annual music and technology festival set in Austin, Texas.

He wants something similar for Cambridge, and he cites an independent study saying Kendall Square should host it. “It could even benefit Central Square,” Reeves said.

So according to this study, a Kendall Square music festival could benefit Central Square, where Cambridge keeps its music clubs?

It’s reminiscent of the suggestion made Saturday at a climate congress for “meatless Mondays,” although Catholics already have meatless Fridays.

These things may just come naturally to the city that once went through 1,321 ballots to elect a mayor.

This post was updated Feb. 15, 2012, to say that there had been 1,321 mayoral ballots in 1948. An incorrect, higher figure had been provided.