Saturday, May 25, 2024

Amanda Palmer, now a fully independent artist, performs last year in Barcelona. (Photo: alterna2)

Vostok 4 has been nominated as band of the month at The Deli online music magazine and is solidly in the lead. Cambridge Day has written before about Vostok 4, an energetic, synthesizer-driven quartet that plays frequently at Cambridge clubs such as The Middle East and T.T. the Bear’s Place. Read the profile here.

Or, perhaps better yet, go vote by clicking here.

The local Deli is packed with Cambridge, Somerville and Boston editors and writers. The site also covers scenes in Austin, Burlington, Vt., Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Portland, Ore., Philadelphia and San Francisco.

In other music news, Amanda Palmer (once and perhaps again of the Dresden Dolls, although she will undoubtedly never have to resume her old job as a living statue in Harvard Square) has “divorced” her record label and released a free song in celebration. Her declaration of independence is here and the free song is here.