Sunday, May 19, 2024

Incubators aren’t just for Kendall Square anymore. Porter Square is getting its own business incubator/shared workspace July 1, according to writer, entrepreneur, Cambridge resident and Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate Kevin Vogelsang.

You can have a full-time dedicated desk for $350 a month. If you’d like to come and go and work part-time, it’s a $100 a month. There is also more traditional office space (dry wall, carpet, sectioned rooms) available on a square foot basis. We’re working towards delivering free space to the people that really need it. Come by this Friday at 9:30AM or 3PM to see it.

Vogelsang’s blog also announces the Vogel Labs Fellowships, a roughly $2,500 prize taking applications in February:

The concept is simple: give an ambitious and creative individual (AKA someone who is entrepreneurial) ~$2500 to pursue whatever it is that matters most to them. They don’t necessarily even need to know what exactly that is, but you can spot passionate people, even if they don’t quite know what the object of their passion is. They would then work in the Vogel Labs space and be exposed to a lot of startups and entrepreneurs at the ground level, meet a lot of people in the Boston community, and build real skills that they are personally motivated to use. (And hopefully they’ll begin the road that leads to a $50 Billion dollar home run.)

Anyone can apply. Age doesn’t matter. It’s never to late to start working on something you love. However, by design, it’s more suitable for students and younger people.