Monday, July 22, 2024

There is no date set for the release of a city report about the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. last summer — but a friend of Gates has his own report hitting the streets.

The Harvard Coop has announced a discussion and signing of Harvard professor Charles J. Ogletree’s “The Presumption of Guilt: The Arrest of Henry Louis Gates and Race, Class and Crime in America,” to be held July 1 at 7 p.m.

Here’s how it describes the book:

“Shortly after noon on Tuesday, July 16, 2009, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., MacArthur Fellow and Harvard professor, was mistakenly arrested by Cambridge police sergeant James Crowley for attempting to break into his own home. The ensuing media firestorm ignited debate across the country. The Crowley-Gates incident was a clash of absolutes, underscoring the tension between black and white, police and civilians, and the privileged and less privileged in modern America. Charles Ogletree, one of the country’s foremost experts on civil rights, uses this incident as a lens through which to explore issues of race, class, and crime, with the goal of creating a more just legal system for all.”

The Coop is at 1400 Massachusetts Ave., Harvard Square, Cambridge. For information, call (617) 499-2012 or click here.

Ogletree is a friend of Gates’, and his writing of a book was long suspected even before it was announced — although many also expected Gates to write about the incident himself. He hasn’t, and nor has he talked with Cambridge’s Police Review and Advisory Board, the citizen overseers of the police who arrested Gates, while the Cambridge Review Committee promised Gates he wouldn’t be asked about the arrest if he sat for an interview.

Jennifer Flagg, the liaison for the committee, said Wednesday that there was no date set for the release of its report. It will not be this week, she said, despite an article posted by the Cambridge Chronicle quoting her. Flagg said she didn’t know what information the Chronicle had posted.

This post includes information from a press release.