Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Once this “CSI” has its season finale, you won’t be able to catch it on reruns.

“CSI: Boston, Special Comedy Unit” holds its last live, improvised episode Saturday at 6 p.m. at ImprovBoston, in Cambridge’s Central Square.

The revolving cast — Sarah Koske, Amy Koske, Mark Teffer, Scott Braidman, Rachel Braidman, Pam Victor, Julie Waggoner and Mosie McNally — investigate and solve crimes based on audience suggestions, described as taking “on the challenge of creating a crime show episode right before your eyes” while still being funny. (The slogan: “If we can’t solve the crime, we’ll just make it up.”)

The actors don’t just parody the crime genre; there’s also some very effective satire on other aspects of life slipped in, such as a scene from this month in which a long-suffering patient in a waiting room argues with the receptionist about when she’ll seen by a doctor. After being told the doctor was taking a long time with his other customers, the patient, played by Victor, snaps, “Why does the doctor call them customers? We’re patients! Patients!” But after ushering in someone else, Amy Koske’s blithely passive-aggressive receptionist assures Victor, “We’ve just got three more guests and two more customers before you.”

Kevin Harrington, a mainstay at the Cambridge comedy shop and organizer of the Geek Week festival, urged people to see the troupe — “These guys are coming all the way over from Northampton/Amherst area,” he noted — in their last area performance.

“They were a lot of fun,” said Harrington, an improv comedian who led his own multiepisode dramedy improv show, called “In the Garage,” in 2006.

The “CSI” troupe’s other slogan:

Who is the victim? Who are the suspects? Damned if we know — you’re finding out at the same time we are!

Tickets are available by clicking here.

ImprovBoston is at 40 Prospect St. in Central Square, Cambridge. For information, call (617) 576-1253.