Thursday, June 13, 2024

The September issue of Boston magazine includes a top 20 ranking of public schools, including Cambridge Rindge & Latin.

Cambridge Rindge & Latin School has again been named one of the top 20 public high schools in Massachusetts by Boston magazine, further endorsement of efforts by district and school administrators. The rankings appear in the September issue.

Rankings were based on data gathered from consulting school officials and websites, as well as the Massachusetts Department of Education, according to a press release sent Tuesday by Nicole L. Kieser, vice president of news operations for Regan Communications.

Determining factors of the school rankings includes MCAS scores, SAT scores, per pupil spending, student to teacher ratio, graduation rate, percent of students who continue into college and extracurriculars such as sports teams and clubs, Kieser said. George Recck, director of the Math Resource Center at Babson College, calculated mean scores for each data category and ranked schools based on their distance from the average.

In June, during a discussion of how the realities of school accomplishment trailed negative perceptions, Principal Chris Saheed cited a previous ranking in the magazine as evidence of a turnaround from even further in the past.

“Myths die very hard in the community, and perceptions people have held about the high school persist,” Saheed said during a year-end presentation to the committee. “Not everyone reads Boston magazine and sees us in the list of the best high schools in the state.”

Boston magazine claims a circulation of more than a half-million monthly readers.