Monday, July 22, 2024

Vice mayor Henrietta Davis has announced meetings on environmental and aging issues to be held within the next several days. (Photo: Marc Levy)

The city of endless youth is going to age. Data show there are twice as many people ages 55 to 65 living in Cambridge as there are people older than 65, implying that older people will be a larger portion of the population in the future, said vice mayor Henrietta Davis.

Davis hopes the city will be ready. Her Silver Ribbon Commission on housing options is inviting people to a 4:30 p.m. May 4 hearing to figure out how to make sure it is.

First, though, Davis has scheduled a meeting on the future of curbside collection of organic waste and decreasing the use of plastic bags in the city. As chairwoman of the City Council’s Environment Committee, she has scheduled a public meeting for 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in Sullivan Chamber at City Hall, 795 Mass. Ave., Cambridge.

Then it’s back to soliciting visions of housing that helps people all income levels stay in Cambridge as they age.

“If you ask people in Cambridge where they want to live as they grow older, most people will say they want to stay in their own homes,” Davis said. “The fact is that sometimes it is better to move to a building with an elevator, or to move to be closer to other people.  We want to find out what the city can do to encourage the options that people would like to see right here in the city.”

The commission, formed this spring to study aging in Cambridge, meets monthly to form recommendations for the council, including on how existing homes can be made more suitable for aging people, particularly if they become frail.

The Silver Ribbon Commission meeting is to be held at the Cambridge Citywide Senior Center, opposite City Hall, at 806 Massachusetts Ave. The commission hopes especially to hear from people concerned about their own living situations — now or later — as well as from relatives searching for a place for their aging parents.

For information, call (617) 349-4205 or e-mail Davis at [email protected].

This post was written from press releases.