Thursday, May 23, 2024

The memory of the B-Side Lounge, seen in September 2008, is revived in five cocktails tonight at a Think Tank event in Kendall Square. (Photo: Dan4th Nicholas)

Tonight provides a chance to savor again the drinks of the old B-Side Lounge, the 92 Hampshire St. bar that closed in November 2008 to be replaced by Lord Hobo a year later. The venue is Think Tank, the 1A Kendall Square “bistrotheque” that hosts Monday-evening events called “Drink This … With Brother Cleve.”

“Throughout the 6 weeks that I’ve been doing these Monday night affairs, there’s been one consistent topic that at least one person brings up every week — the B-Side Lounge,” says Brother Cleve, a legendary bartender, DJ, keyboardist in the international lounge scene and of course an inspiration and consultant for the B-Side, the equally legendary retro cocktail lounge, in an e-mail. (Many know Brother Cleve as a member of Combustible Edison, which, among other things, did the soundtrack for the film “Four Rooms.”) “Often, I’m asked to make an old fave, which I’m always happy to do. It had me thinking that maybe a ‘return to the B-Side’ night might be in order.”

So this Monday night, we’ll serve up the Stardust … rum, lemon and parfait amour. I’m reviving Cleve’s Margarita, too. Most people had never had a Margarita the way they had been created, only the sweet and syrupy and frozen 16-ounce variety that the drink had been bastardized into. I had my revelatory one in a bar in Cuernavaca and imported it to Boston. The El Splendido is another one we made lots of, a drink concocted by my pal The Millionaire, of the band Combustible Edison, one night when we were on tour in Austin, Texas. Another big favorite was the Hemingway Daiquiri, in which the author reportedly added maraschino and grapefruit juice to the Cuban classic. Later I learned it was really the La Floridita cocktail, but why quibble over the name now.

To round out our list for the night, I’m adding one of those “funny drinks” we always would put on the menu at the B-Side (anyone remember the Mullet? the Mrs Mullet? the Blaxploitini? the Dirty Sanchez?) The first one that was ever on a menu there was The Windsor Hi-Lo … a Green Chartreuse frappé with a bottle of Schlitz back.

The “Faves From The B-Side Lounge” event starts at no particular time. Just “evening.”