Wednesday, July 24, 2024

The King Open School visit to Occupy Boston’s base at Camp Dewey, written about here Monday, made it to the big time Tuesday afternoon in a piece called “Occupy the playground: The Boston encampment schools a new generation of social media upstarts.”

The Friday visit by the 60 seventh- and eighth-graders was called “the first official field trip of the Boston occupation” by writer Patrick Tracey, who said it brightened Occupy Boston spirits as well as proved a point:

Even though they came from Cambridge (known to conservatives as “Moscow on the Charles”), the innocence of the King Open School contingent put the lie to the Fox News trope that the occupation movement is spearheaded by a bunch of scruffy bums in makeshift urban camps. It turns out the occupation movement is spearheaded by a bunch of scruffy older brother and sister types living in makeshift urban camps.

And their singular message for the kids: You may not have a job if and when you graduate from high school or college, but you will always have an occupation:  “You guys are the next generation of social media activists and we’re passing this all down to you sooner than you think,” one occupier warned.

The next day, state Rep. Alice Wolf, a Cambridge Democrat, made her way to Camp Dewey.

“There were many diverse voices, a variety of concerns by participants, and a peace march. In these tough times people see the need to be empowered,” Wolf said Tuesday. “It reminded me of the ’60s, though there was not the laser-sharp [focus] the Vietnam War evoked.”