Friday, February 23, 2024

Dear Cambridge voters:

We, the undersigned, are retired educators of the Cambridge Public Schools with more than 500 years of experience combined. We care deeply about the future of the Cambridge Public Schools and want all students across the city to receive an excellent education. It is because we feel so strongly that we are encouraging Cambridge voters to give their No. 1 vote for School Committee to Marc McGovern.

In addition to being a CPS graduate and parent, Marc is the only School Committee member who works in a school. He has dedicated his life to helping children and families and works side by side with teachers, students, administrators and parents to improve children’s lives through education.

While on the School Committee, Marc has demonstrated level-headed leadership. He listens to all constituents and puts the best interest of all students ahead of personal or political gain. We know that we can always trust Marc to be thoughtful, hard-working, collaborative and compassionate. Marc has led the way on such important issues as special education, early childhood education, physically and emotionally safe schools and budget transparency. At this time in our history, Marc’s experience is vital to the School Committee.

It wasn’t that long ago that Marc was unsuccessful in his re-election bid because no one thought he was vulnerable. Lets not let that happen again. Help re-elect Marc to the School Committee by giving him your No. 1 vote Nov. 8.


Larry Aaronson

Phyllis Bretholtz

Steven Brion-Meisels

Jesse Cody

Pauline Demetri

Linda Ferrullo

Betsy Grady

Helen Jacobson

Arthur Lipkin

Henry Lukas

Janice Lund

Maurice Page

Bob Richards

Jane Scorza

Geraldine Spagnuolo

Diane Tabor

Meredith Thompson

Dr. Alan Weinstein

Rachel Wyon