Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Mindy Kaling talks with reporters at the 2009 Screen Actors Guild awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. (Photo: Kristin Dos Santos)

She’s conquered standup comedy and become a star on NBC’s “The Office.” She’s written books (including a funny memoir, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?”) and plays (“Matt & Ben,” about Cantabrigians Matt Damon and Ben Affleck). She’s been in movies (including “No Strings Attached” and this year’s “The Five-Year Engagement”), was even just named a best-dressed by Nylon magazine — and now she’s on the menu at Mr. Bartley’s Gourmet Burgers in Harvard Square.

Alongside “The People’s Republic of Cambridge,” a burger topped with cole slaw and Russian dressing and “The Skip Gates,” a teriyaki burger with grilled pineapple and onion rings is “The Mindy Kaling”: a burger topped with guacamole and pineapple-jalapeno relish with baked beans. Now, to the layperson, that may sound confusing and potentially disgusting, but to a native Cantabrigian such as Kaling — born in 1979 as Vera Chokalingam — it’s an honor.

Stonehill College student and Kaling fan Kelsey Finigan went to Mr. Bartley’s on Friday night and had a Mindy Kaling, so new it’s only on the “Happy New Year” menu. And she tweeted it.

“So honored to have a namesake burger at Mr. Bartley’s in Harvard Square,” Kaling tweeted an hour later. “And next to Ray Allen’s!” (A Ray Allen is a comparatively normal burger. It has grilled peppers and dijon mustard.)

“Love this place,” Kaling said. And in reaction to a comment that the Harvard Square institution has the best onion rings: “I KNOW, THE BEST.”

The Mindy Kaling is only being tried out by Mr. Bartley’s, workers said Saturday. If enough people order it, it’ll make it to the permanent menu.