Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The Harvard Crimson is correcting reports that 55 Harvard students were arrested in the West Bank by Israeli border guards, noting that “no charges were levied against anyone involved in the Harvard trip … the students were redirected to a nearby Israeli checkpoint with at least two armored vehicles escorting them.”

The students’ guide was arrested and released.

The students were taking part in an annual trip organized by the Palestine Caucus at the John F. Kennedy School of Government and visiting al-Walaja, a Palestinian town in the West Bank, when Israeli soldiers told them they were trespassing on a military road, the Crimson’s David Song reported.

After their bus was boarded at about noon Tuesday, the Palestine News Network reported that the students had been detained by the Israeli army. Tweets continued flying about the arrest even well after the Crimson’s posting of a lengthy story quoting participants on the trip (albeit with a headline incorrectly saying the students had been detained) at about 9:30 p.m. EST.

The Crimson’s story is here.