Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Dave Rogers has announced his candidacy for state representative in the 24th Middlesex district.

North Cambridge resident Dave Rogers has announced his candidacy for state representative in the 24th Middlesex district, aiming to replace Belmont’s William Brownsberger — himself aiming to replace state Sen. Steven Tolman, who resigned in October.

Rogers announced his candidacy Thursday, highlighting health care, the environment and education as his issues but leading with transportation: “I believe we must forge a comprehensive solution to our state’s transportation challenges, which must include a long-term revenue solution for the MBTA,” he said, vowing to “work tirelessly to bring all relevant stakeholders to the table in order to fashion a statewide solution to transportation and infrastructure issues.”

Rogers is the only candidate outside of Belmont, noted Rogers campaign manager Alex Wallach Hanson, and he already has Cambridge residents such as Lizzie de Rham touting him as “a really nice man, smart as a whip, a lawyer, and has had experience in many areas that I believe would make him a strong legislator and advocate for constructive actions on many fronts.”

Rogers’ announcement:

After careful consideration and discussions with family, friends and elected officials past and present, I have decided to run for state representative for the 24th Middlesex District. The 24th district includes Belmont, parts of Arlington, and the part of North Cambridge where I live.

As I undertake this effort, I am mindful of the remarkable standard of public service set by state Sen. Will Brownsberger. The candidate who ultimately fills this seat will have very large shoes to fill. Should I be that successful candidate, I will work tirelessly to serve with distinction and continue the fine traditions set by Will, with a high level of accessibility to constituents and a clear articulation of our district’s independent voice.

I have been a practicing lawyer for 15 years, representing businesses large and small. I have spent the last seven years as counsel in a Massachusetts-based manufacturing company that does business all over the world, but works to keep jobs here. My work experience also includes employment at a clean energy software company and a cutting edge biotechnology company. As legal counsel, I have helped companies confront and overcome the pressing challenges facing businesses in a modern competitive landscape. My professional experience has taught me that organizations must be nimble and adapt to changing circumstances if they are to stay vital and fulfill their mission. With your help, I want to transform old ways of governing and wring greater efficiency out of the limited resources available in this era of budgetary constraints. Every dollar we save through improved operating efficiency is another dollar we can use to invest in schools, improve health care affordability, alleviate the debt load of the T and address other critical needs of the community.

I have also worked in the public sector. During law school, I served in the criminal division of the Environmental Protection Agency prosecuting polluters. I also spent six months working for a federal trial judge. Since moving to Massachusetts, I have been publicly engaged and active, working to elect leaders whose values I share, advocating for campaign finance reform, and speaking out about the need to overhaul antiquated drug laws. Currently, I serve regularly on a pro bono basis as a mediator in Middlesex District court, helping litigants resolve their disputes without the need to burden our overworked court system. I genuinely enjoy helping people and being of service.

If elected, I will to work vigorously on several key areas of concern: further improving the quality of education for every child in Arlington, Belmont and Cambridge; stimulating job creation while eliminating ineffective tax incentives; addressing the critical needs of a faltering transportation system; protecting the environment and advocating for policies that create green jobs; and controlling spiraling health care costs. I have good ideas in all of these areas and I would like the opportunity to share them with you.

But rather than simply advance my ideas, I want to listen to yours. In the days ahead, I will meet as many voters in Arlington, Belmont and Cambridge as possible — hopefully each and every one of you. I will work to gain your trust, and to earn your vote. Together, I know we can make a difference.