Saturday, April 20, 2024

Dwelltime, the month-old coffee bar in Mid-Cambridge, continues to tweak and add to its offerings, announcing Monday that its unrestricted Wi-Fi is going dark during its lunch hours, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The staff has “been conscious of its impact on transforming the shop into a coworking space; at times, this has run at odds with our aspirations of developing dwelltime as a social hub,” according to the dwelltime blog. It’s an issue that got a thorough talking out at an October gathering of area coffee pros that included dwelltime’s Jaime Van Schyndel.

Tonight also brings the coffee bar’s first programming: Merry White, of Boston University’s Anthropology Department, talking about her book “Coffee Life in Japan.” The free discussion will look at how Japanese methods for serving coffee — which is more popular in Japan than tea, despite the stereotype — are spreading around the world, including for use at dwelltime, as well as the varied and storied nature of Japanese coffeehouses. They “often serve as locations and theaters of dissent and bohemian misbehavior,” in the words of Toscanini’s founder Gus Rancatore, who traveled to Japan this spring as an aficionado of coffee and White.

Dwelltime is at 364 Broadway. White’s discussion starts at 7 p.m.