Sunday, May 26, 2024

Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr brings the awesome again today, this time gifting the world with this gem while writing about Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren but being drawn to President Barack Obama like a paper clip to an MRI:

The greatest thing about this latest outbreak of Politically Correct hypocrisy is it shows just how morally and intellectually bankrupt “affirmative action” is.

The race card — like so many others, Barack Obama never leaves home without it. And a couple of weeks ago, he was reading off the Teleprompter that he (unlike, presumably, Mitt Romney) wasn’t “born with a silver spoon in his mouth.”

Excuse me? What would you call a free pass to Columbia and then Harvard Law? For a guy who thinks there are 57 states and that they speak “Austrian” in Austria? Who pronounces corpsman “corpseman”? Who became editor of the Harvard Law Review without ever having written a single article for the publication?

Speaking as someone with access to dictionaries and other reference works, as well as a functioning brain, I’d say that when Obama says he wasn’t “born with a silver spoon in his mouth,” he was probably talking about the time he was born, which was roughly speaking a couple of decades before going to Columbia and Harvard Law. (Again, is Carr being edited?)

Looking at the Obama misstatements and mispronunciations Carr mentions, I would call his access to “affirmative action” something like “an opportunity to make far fewer misstatements and mispronunciations than that wealthy Yalie and Harvard Business School graduate, George W. Bush.”

And looking at the Harvard Law Review allegation, I would call that nonsense that’s already been debunked by, among others, lawyer Bradford Berenson, who worked in the Bush White House and served with Obama on the Review, as cited by Think Progress:

These charges are not accurate. As a [second-year law] student, Barack wrote the same amount as all of his 2L peers, although by policy of the Harvard Law Review, no student writing is signed or attributed to individual authors. As a 3L, it is true that he did not write, but that is because he was the president of the Review. Because the president does so much editing, including of all the major faculty articles, he is not expected to author original pieces himself and almost never does so. I saw Barack hunched over manuscripts editing articles on many a late night at Gannett House. He simply could not have been elected president if he was not regarded by his fellow editors as being among the best legal writers and legal minds in his class.

Given what I saw the columnist write in October at the time of the Occupy Boston protests, I’d say Cambridge deranges Carr, but I suspect Cambridge is nothing special in this regard.