Saturday, May 18, 2024

We are a group of Cambridge residents who are proud of Cambridge’s vibrant and diverse urban character. The culture of our lively squares, unique local businesses, openness to innovation and commitment to sustainable living make our city one of the most desirable places in the world. We believe that to sustain and nourish the Cambridge we love, we must encourage smart growth that expands housing opportunities, builds local business and provides greater mobility for residents and visitors in our city.

We oppose the downzoning of Central Square, and we believe that new development plays an important role in protecting the diversity and economic vitality of Cambridge. We believe downzoning will hurt our ability to create the variety of housing types that are needed to meet the needs of all Cambridge families. With such high demand for housing in Cambridge, restricting the development of new low- and middle-income housing could force out the working families, seniors, small-business owners, artists and others residents who make our city great.

We support policies that promote smart growth in Cambridge. We want to live in a city that provides people the opportunity to live, work and shop in the same neighborhood. Higher-density housing serves the varied needs of Cambridge’s diverse households, helping us meet the high demand for market-rate housing while expanding our ability to create affordable three- or four-bedroom apartments for families with children or multiple generations. Building a mix of activities in our neighborhoods can reduce traffic on the roads and rails by allowing more people to walk or bike to access their jobs, schools, parks, entertainment, health care and other services. Smart growth aligns with Cambridge’s carbon reduction goals thanks to reduced automobile emissions and compact building forms that use less fossil fuels to heat and cool.

Our vision of Cambridge growing thoughtfully is a vision that brings together the many types of people that live, work and play in Cambridge. It embraces diversity of income, ethnicity, age, ability and social preferences. Providing opportunities for our community to grow sustainably will foster creativity, innovation and social interaction. We hope you will join us in planning together for a shared and vibrant future.

Helen A. Brown Bryant, Area IV

Carolyn Fuller, Area IV

Marge Amster, Cambridgeport

Yoni Appelbaum, Area IV

Joe Aiello, East Cambridge

Sahar Bazzaz, Cambridgeport

Justin Crane, Area IV

Sally Eaton, Central Square

Esther Hanig, Area IV

Emily Fletcher, East Cambridge

Randa Ghattas, Area IV

Rob Goodspeed, Cambridgeport

John Hersey, Porter Square

Chris Horne, Cambridgeport

Marian Hope-Darlington, Area IV

Annie Huppert, Inman Square

Jesse Kanson-Benanav, Wellington-Harrington

Tina Kapur, Cambridgeport

Stephen Laniel, Cambridgeport

Matt Larue, Area IV

James Madden, East Cambridge

Charlie Marquardt, East Cambridge

Bill McAvinney, Area IV

Hubert Murray, Cambridgeport

Haley Peckett, North Cambridge

Aviva Rothman-Shore, Area IV

Sara Roszler, Area IV

Trinity Simons, East Cambridge

A. Rae Smith, Mid-Cambridge

Ben Solomon-Schwartz, Mid-Cambridge

Saul Tannenbaum, Cambridgeport

Rachel Wilson, Inman Square

Bob Woodbury, Cambridgeport