Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Considering how long ago T.J. Maxx had its grand opening at the Cambridgeside Galleria – we’re closing on two months since Oct. 25 – it is surprising to see these ads still up on the red line (the photo was taken Monday) and to be reminded Kendall is, thanks presumably to its proximity to T.J. Maxx, “the most fashionable stop on the T.” The honor is surprising because, well, nerds; and because the Lechmere stop on the green line is 0.3 miles from the mall and Kendall is o.8 miles, suggesting that there’s something about Kendall that boosts its inherent fashionability over Lechmere’s convenience.

Kendall, while it boasts of being the most innovative square mile in the world, that’s in technology and biotechnology research, not in the world of fashion. While Time Out Boston does include a clothing store in its Kendall Square “Things to Do,” it’s nothing at the mall; it’s The Garment District, with “the fabled Dollar-a-Pound — literally a pile of clothes, shoes, belts, bags and assorted junk dumped in a pile on the floor.”

Kendall Square fashion? Rumpled clothing and battered laptops, right?