With up to $300M in disaster relief expected, MBTA tells board it looks to ease service cuts

Bench bars at Cambridge T stops draw criticism as ‘hostile architecture’ aimed at the homeless

Attend meetings on coronavirus financial aid, vacant storefronts, Jerry’s Pond work and more

Attend meetings on closing of Riverbend Park; getting City Hall contracts; and police inventory

Transit in 2020, driven by coronavirus pandemic, must sort through mixed signals of coming year

Parking returns to normal Friday after nor’easter with no more snowfall expected until Christmas

Snow emergency starts at 8 p.m.

Service reductions to MBTA have been softened, but will start in January and be reviewed in March

Attend meetings on end to single-family zoning; starting outdoor education; new diner in Central

MBTA might undo expected service reductions, as vaccines, stimulus hint at ‘return to normal’