Monday, May 20, 2024
The Belly wine bar in Kendall Square is stretching its menu through spring.

The Belly wine bar in Kendall Square is stretching its menu through spring.

The folks at the Belly wine bar in Kendall Square are trying something new … and then something else new … and then, finally, something else new.

In addition to its usual cheese and cured meats, Belly – which is literally attached to The Blue Room, but focuses more on “offbeat, eccentric and hard-to-find” European wines thanks to its other parent at Central Bottle – is offering fondue through May for reserved parties of two to six people, at $14 per person; a lamb meal for reserved parties of four to a dozen people, at a sacrificial $62 per person; and, from May to September, its unique take on KFC for reserved parties of four to eight people at $25 per person (or $50 per person with a flight of wine, which, for reasons you’ll see, might be totally worth it).

The fondue looks awesome: brussels sprouts, roasted potatoes, grilled focaccia, endive and apples with a pot of Spring Brook Farm Reading raclette, emmentaler and gruyere cheeses, and there are six hourly servings each day starting at 5:15 p.m.

Same with the Sardinian “Arm + A Leg: Lamb Jam” that began Friday, with fare such as lamb neck with salsa verde and fregola sarda, sticky glazed short ribs, whole wood-roasted leg of lamb and Pecorino Calcagno with honey and nuts. Not even sure what some of those things are, but it’s easy to assume they’re good when Belly’s staff needs two full days’ notice to whip up the feast.

But the KFC Belly-style, timed to arrive with warmer weather and patio dining, offers a certain compelling something: Along with the hot or cold bucket of fried chicken and extras such as biscuits, pickles and citrusy fennel and radicchio slaw is a recommended orange wine.

Orange wine!

Pity you can’t even make a reservation until May 1.

Belly is at 1 Kendall Square. For information call (617) 494-0968 or visit the website.