Tuesday, July 23, 2024

City Manager Richard C. Rossi is seeking to fill vacancies on the city’s Commercial Parking Control Committee, which reviews applications and decides whether to issue commercial parking permits and decides if spaces have been operated improperly or illegally as commercial parking – meaning parking space available for use by the general public at any time for a fee.

Committee members are appointed for staggered terms of three years. They meet as needed on weekday evenings, generally no more than twice per year, unless a commercial parking permit application or enforcement action is pending. Hearings will be staffed with personnel from the city’s Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department.

Committee members must be Cambridge residents with experience as a planner, architect, engineer, lawyer or as an expert in sustainability or public health – and they must not have financial interest in commercial parking in Cambridge. Neighborhood involvement is a plus.

For information, call transportation planner Adam Shulman at (617) 349-4745 or send e-mail to [email protected].

Please send a cover letter and/or résumé indicating qualifications and reason for applying by Sept. 20 to Rossi, care of Susan Clippinger, director of Traffic, Parking and Transportation, at 344 Broadway, second Floor, Cambridge, MA 02139. Clippinger can be reached at [email protected]