Wednesday, April 17, 2024

102713i ABC candidate scoresA Better Cambridge – a Cambridge residents group that describes itself as “working to build a more diverse and livable city on the path toward sustainable growth” – has released the results of its 2013 City Council Candidate ratings.

“A Better Cambridge looks forward to working with all nine members of the next City Council to help build a more diverse and livable city,” ABC chairman Jesse Kanson-Benanav said. “We believe a better Cambridge is one that grows smart and sustainably, taking advantage of Cambridge’s proximity to public and alternate transportation to expand housing choices for all Cambridge families.”

See the full ABC mission and vision here. For a complete analysis, including charts listing candidate ratings on individual question plus summary analyses of each candidate’s positions, visit the ABC website.

The group’s process, as explained in a press release:

In low-information elections such as this one, ABC knows it’s difficult for voters to make the complex decisions about how they will rank candidates on their City Council ballot. To help voters understand where the candidates stand on difficult urban growth issues facing Cambridge, we distributed a six-question survey to all 25 candidates, as well as conducted extensive third-party research using news articles and other organizations’ candidate questionnaires to assess their position on four key development issues facing the city.

The candidate questionnaire and analysis is intended to give information about how the various candidates stand on the issues ABC has focused on. It is not intended to be an exhaustive analysis of their stance on every issue facing Cambridge.