Thursday, June 20, 2024



Okay, Pinkberry. You were already getting a fair amount of side eye from being the third frozen yogurt shop in roughly a single block of Davis Square. (And not far from that in Harvard Square.) Did you really have to go and push it by proclaiming yourself a “handcrafted yogurt bar”?

We get it: Pinkberry customers choose and dispense their own flavors of frozen yogurt and toppings, just like in virtually every other froyo place in the world. But this is also how things are done at buffets, and not even Fire + Ice, our most aggressively hip food shovelry, is claiming customers are making handcrafted plates of food. Not that calling yourself an “improvisational grill” is that much better.

The Pinkberry corporate FAQ says it’s the yogurt flavors themselves that are handcrafted, but it’s hard to even know where to start with that. Does it mean that when someone follows a recipe sent from the head office they’re handcrafting? Does it mean cooks “handcraft” meals every time they cook? Grr.

010614i-Nice-shot-Pinkberry-GoogleTo get a better sense of what’s so, so wrong about this, try googling “handcrafted” and see what comes up in the search results: jewelry, pottery and furniture – all things you craft by hand rather than, you know, dump into a cup or bowl and declare your work at an end. Even if you go so far as to type “handcrafted y” into Google, “yogurt” will not come up, because it is not a word the masses associate with the term “handcrafted.” What does come up are “handcrafted yoga,” “yard art,” “yachts” and “yarn swift” and no one even knows what those things are.