Thursday, May 23, 2024


The polar vortex is supposedly on its way back for round three of freezing cold. Brett Johnson is a Cambridge comedian (check out his website here) who knows a thing or two about winter weather:

With a “Guardians of the Galaxy” trailer just released, Somerville improv comic and writer Hannah Foell (see her Tumblr at Hannahs Are Particularly Good) is trying to keep her thoughts straight on the expanding universe of comic book flicks:

James Creelman, meanwhile, is still correcting some misconceptions about another classic space film:

Mickey McCauley, a Baltimore transplant and Boston comedian, posts great comedy tweets on his Post-ambles blog each Friday and is also thinking back to a pop culture great:

Somerville comedian Lillian DeVane is new and/or boiling water:

Jenny Zigrino is a standup comic and vintage clothing hoarder who knows what she likes:

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