Thursday, April 18, 2024



Anyone who worried easing the fast-food cap in Kendall Square would bring Taco Bells and 99-cent value menus will be relieved – and possibly a bit hungry – to hear that the next establishment under the cap is Bailey & Sage, the Boston proprietor of salads and high-end sandwiches.

The Cambridge Redevelopment Authority has Bailey & Sage on its Wednesday meeting agenda for a slot at 5 Cambridge Center and through Executive Director Tom Evans is aiming to win over the Cambridge Board of Zoning Appeal and its chairman, Constantine Alexander, for the granting of a special permit.

“Because the Kendall Square workforce was young, energetic and worked long hours, there was a new demand for fresh, healthy food, available to go,” Evans wrote, comparing the Bailey & Sage story to that of Cambridge-born Clover. “We especially wanted to encourage small, Massachusetts-owned food business serving locally sourced, healthy products … in place of more conventional and ubiquitous multinational fast-food operations.”

The City Council has allowed 15 fast food restaurants in Kendall, up from a cap of three, with the understanding that the definition of “fast food” has changed to include healthier and more upscale choices.

The existing Bailey & Sage is at 103 State St., Boston, where it opened in October 2010. The restaurant makes custom salads from 53 ingredients or offers some dozen salads from a menu, ranging from a $6.95 caesar to a $10.50 steak salad with Angus steak filet, crispy onions and bleu cheese. Its sandwiches can be made to order or chosen off a 19-item menu including an $8.25 roasted veggie wrap and $12.95 rock crab sandwich with asparagus on baguette, with such offerings as brisket, a Cubano and prosciutto and brie in between.