Sunday, May 26, 2024

Lesley-University-logoFrom the undersigned core faculty at Lesley University, March 25: In response to Marc Levy’s “‘Core’ Lesley instructors file to join union, with details of final vote to be determined” (March 16):

We are concerned that the current media discussion profiles only a small percentage of  core faculty members, several with limited experience at the university.

We are concerned that the information shared is inaccurate and lacks supporting details.

As we continue the discussion around faculty life within our walls, we are concerned the voice of one faculty member has been used to imply greater momentum and support by core faculty.

We are concerned by the statement that affiliation with SEIU is in any way related to “providing our students with the best education possible.”

We consider ourselves one faculty providing the best educational experience possible and we stand by and support our unionized adjunct faculty in their bargaining process. However, we are concerned that the coverage of core faculty concerns has been conflated with the issues of our adjunct faculty. While we certainly respect the goals of our colleagues, the issues and concerns of the core faculty are very different and based on our long-term, contractual obligations to the university. We hope that future coverage will reflect our voice, and our membership, in coverage of this unionization vote.

And we are concerned that SEIU is aggressively driving this agenda to service their own political aspirations and not the core needs of this university.

Signed, in alphabetical order: Susan Ashbrook, Marcia Bromfield, Gail Cahill, Mary Anne Cappiello, Robyn Cruz, Sue Cusack, Erika Dawes, Beverely Evans, Christine Evans, Lily Fessenden, Michele Forinash, Stephen Gould, Barbara Govendo, Lorraine Greenfield, Jo-Anne Hart, Jim Keefe, Terry Keeney, Mary Beth Lawton, Linda Lengyel, Shaun McNiff , Linda Mensing-Triplett, Margery Miller, Matthew Nash, Paul Naso, Coleen O’Connell, Jim O’Keefe, Mike Pabian, Louise Pascale, Susan Rauchwerk, Valerie Shinas, Heather Shaw, Aaron Smith, Stephanie Spadorcia, Barbara Steckle, Elizabeth Stringer Keefe, Frank Trocco, Nicole Weber and Maureen Yoder