Friday, April 19, 2024

080513i-Dennis-BenzanVice mayor Dennis A. Benzan kicks off what he’s calling “his first City Council reelection campaign” from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. June 18 at Brick & Mortar, upstairs at Central Kitchen, 567 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square.

He invited people to “come enjoy a wonderful evening of good food and great company” and said there would be music and light refreshments at the event, which is sponsored by the Committee to Elect Dennis A. Benzan. Complimentary tickets are available for seniors and children.

Benzan identified a continued goal for his second term of making Cambridge “a world-class Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics city” and said he hoped to increase the elderly and disabled communities’ access to technology, housing and smart transportation services. In a statement on Facebook, he said:

“During my first term in office, I fulfilled my campaign promises to push for the creation of a homegrown workforce for the surging innovation economy. Through my leadership and that of many of my colleagues on the council, we brought the Cambridge community together to develop policy around Steam workforce training for people of all ages and led efforts to organize the largest job fair in the city’s history. Nothing has been more important to my public service than creating real housing solutions for hard-pressed low- and middle-income Cambridge families. This will continue to be a central issue for our city and my campaign.”

Information is here. Campaign Manager Leandra De Los Santos can be emailed here.