Monday, July 22, 2024

102815i-Paul-MahoneyFrom the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance, Feb. 9, 2016: Paul Mahoney, a 2015 Cambridge City Council candidate, made a payment of $1,000 to the state’s general fund to resolve campaign finance issues concerning more than $21,000 in undisclosed expenditures, according to an agreement between Mahoney and OCPF.

Before the Nov. 3 election, the committee distributed signs, mailings and T-shirts and placed newspaper ads promoting Mahoney’s candidacy, but only $126 in expenditures was disclosed on campaign finance reports.

The $21,407 in goods and services were paid for by the candidate personally without first depositing the funds into his committee bank account. Because the funds were not deposited into the committee bank account, as required, the receipts and expenditures were not disclosed to the public until after the election.

Depository candidates and committees are required to pay for goods and services that cost more than $100 with funds that have been deposited into their checking accounts. Depository candidates include the following offices: statewide, Governor’s Council, county, and mayor, city council and aldermen in cities with populations of 75,000 or more.

The agreement was signed by Mahoney and OCPF director Michael Sullivan.

A disposition agreement is a voluntary written agreement entered into between the subject of a review and OCPF, in which the subject agrees to take certain specific actions.