Body pulled from Charles River (updated)

Mahoney retires as leader of fire department; Cahill is appointed as acting chief in his stead

Attend meetings on figuring out Alewife zoning, helping the unhoused, Starlight Square and more

Fire in Wellington-Harrington kills one (updated)

Attend meetings on an after-school-program fix, student votes and more units for Central Square

Driver is rescued after veering into the Charles

Attend meetings as sweet as a new Ben & Jerry’s and as serious as hiking real estate ‘linkage’ fees

Firefighters are hospitalized briefly in a dorm fire from chemical burns; Search of the river follows (updated)

Lack of affordability in ‘missing middle’ zoning cited as Planning Board members go 5-3 against

Attend meetings on budget, the ‘missing middle’ and celebrating food and drink in Central Square