Thursday, April 18, 2024

From iCan Shine, March 12, 2016: Are you interested in helping a child with disabilities learn how to ride a bicycle?

The iCanShine Bike Camp held April 18-22 in neighboring Arlington teaches anyone 8 or over with a diagnosed disability how to ride a conventional two-wheeled bicycle.

The group seeks volunteers age 14 and over to work with riders during the camp. Many cyclists have been part of the volunteer crew.

In addition to riders, the volunteers are the heart of the program, organizers said. Volunteers have the opportunity to work with riders each day for 90 minutes (or more, if they choose) for each of the five days of camp, helping them get from being unable to ride a bicycle to riding independently. Volunteers find the experience of volunteering exhilarating and rewarding, organizers said, because they are an essential part of making dreams come true for the riders.

To register for volunteering, click here.