Sunday, April 21, 2024

From the City of Cambridge, March 17, 2016: City Manager Richard C. Rossi is seeking a resident to fill a vacancy on the Cambridge Conservation Commission. The commission is responsible for administration of the state Wetlands Protection Act, a law governing activities in and immediately next to local wetlands, waterways and floodplains. The commission holds two regularly scheduled public meetings each month to review permit applications under the act, issue permits and conduct other business related to the management of the city’s natural resource areas.

The commission consists of seven members appointed by the city manager to serve three-year terms. Residents with expertise in landscape architecture, civil/environmental engineering, hydrology, ecology or law are encouraged to apply. Interested people should send a letter of interest and/or resume by May 6 via email at [email protected]; by mail to Richard C. Rossi, city manager, at the City of Cambridge, 795 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139; or by fax to (617) 349-4307.