Saturday, May 18, 2024

From Margo Sulmont, Oct. 23, 2017: With three open seats in the upcoming City Council elections, there is a lot at stake for Cambridge. Addressing its housing crisis continues to be a top priority for residents, and we need leaders who understand the mechanisms driving rising housing prices and that it is a regional issue the city must tackle with neighboring communities. We need a council that favors building more housing for all income levels, as it will alleviate displacement and ensure that Cambridge remains an open and diverse community.

I believe that the candidates endorsed by A Better Cambridge – Marc McGovern, Denise Simmons, Adriane Musgrave, Sean Tierney, Alanna Mallon and Samuel Gebru – are best equipped to address our housing challenges and that their smart-growth policies will enable the city to remain affordable for all.

During this election season, I have relied on A Better Cambridge to provide me with information regarding the candidates and the policies at stake. I trust the organization’s opinion, leadership and its process in endorsing candidates. With so many candidates running for City Council, the ABC candidate questionnaire and forum were key in giving me an unbiased and comprehensive view of the different platforms, and helped me identify the candidates that would best address our housing shortage. I fully support the ABC-endorsed candidates and believe they will implement the right strategies and work together to ensure that Cambridge remains an inclusive community.