Friday, May 24, 2024

Register to get important alerts, including snow emergency parking bans, crime notifications and curbside collection and street cleaning reminders from the city online through its Subscription Center. It also includes opportunities to sign up for project and program updates as well as newsletters from city departments, including the CityView Weekly, which features city news and videos, The Cambridge Life Blog, job opportunities, community events and public meetings.

Snow emergency parking ban alert can come by phone, email or SMS notifications through the Code Red system in the city’s Subscription Center. The Code Red notification service will also be used for large-scale water outages and other significant weather events and service disruptions.

The city’s newly redesigned Snow Center includes information on parking, city and school closings, services, transportation, property owner responsibilities related to shoveling, and more. Users can also report icy and unshoveled sidewalks, streets, bike lanes and bus stops directly to the Public Works Department.