Thursday, June 13, 2024

Our Revolution Cambridge is committed to the defense and expansion of public schools, addressing income inequality, ending racial injustice and ending corporate profit at the expense of the public good. We believe that equity and democracy in Cambridge schools requires elimination of obstacles to the attainment of excellent educational experiences for all students. Preparing youth to reach their highest potential requires us to address the opportunity gaps inherent in our schools and society. We believe Cambridge Public Schools can and must do better.

Specifically, our group prioritizes racial, ethnic and economic equality in the schools; increased and equitable funding; replacing high stakes testing with more authentic assessment methods; and instituting universal pre-K. We support increasing the diversity of teachers and staff in Cambridge Public Schools. We oppose privatizing education and removing it from public control. We oppose lifting the state cap on charter schools.

When elected, our five endorsed candidates will bring distinctive skills and much-needed experience to the School Committee.

Emily Dexter is a second-term incumbent, education policy researcher and former district parent who would continue to advance math, science, technology and arts education, data-driven decision-making and involvement of parents and community.

Elechi Kadete is a financial analyst who was educated in our schools, mentors local youth, supports free tutoring for students having difficulty, free lunch for all, and expansion of public early childhood education.

Jose Luis Rojas Villarreal is an experienced community finance developer and longtime Amigos School Council member and district parent who wants more culturally responsive teaching and public support for early education and bilingual education.

David Weinstein is a former public school teacher with education policy experience as well as a district parent who wants to expand early education, develop education success plans for every student, build community engagement and strengthen support for all who work with students.

Ayesha Wilson is a social worker who was educated in our schools and works with youth in schools and public housing. She wants to build positive school climate and nonpunitive student disciplinary policies, offer social-emotional and cultural competency training for educators and ensure free public education for all 3 and 40-year-olds.

Please research each of our excellent candidates to read more about them.

We urge all Cambridge residents to support and vote for all 5 candidates on Nov. 5.

Nella LaRosa-Waters, Crescent Street
Sheli Wortis, Berkshire Street