Thursday, April 18, 2024

After Our Revolution Cambridge made its School Committee endorsements public Tuesday, candidate Christopher Lim commented that he was “disappointed not to be invited to be part of the process” and curious if other candidates were affected. The organization replied to Lim publicly.

With sincere apologies, Our Revolution Cambridge wishes to explain that shortly after nomination papers were filed we contacted all candidates that had an email or Web page listed. There was no contact information available for you and one other candidate. Our multistep endorsement process begins with an invitation to respond to an Our Revolution Cambridge questionnaire sent to candidates electronically. Candidates completed this questionnaire, and it was made available to our membership for comment – after which a decision was made about whether each candidate’s responses were consistent with our values and goals.

This is the first year the organization has endorsed School Committee candidates. To be able to complete the endorsement process with time to campaign for our candidates before the election, we had to coordinate schedules with our process for selecting City Council candidates. (All City Council candidates received the the organization’s City Council questionnaire).
One other School Committee candidate reached us in time to submit a questionnaire. By the time you contacted us, we had already reviewed questionnaires and were only a few days from the date of our School Committee panel. There just wasn’t enough time for us to put you through this process.

We will be assessing our process with an eye to how we can do better next time, and have already received a lot of great feedback from people such as yourself. We welcome it and hope to be able to work with you if you are elected to the School Committee.

Nella LaRosa-Waters, Crescent Street
Sheli Wortis, Berkshire Street