Saturday, May 18, 2024

Grendel’s Den in Harvard Square plans to serve Russian small plates called zakuski during the Super Tuesday primaries. (Photo: Grendel’s Den via Facebook)

Though its food remains seasoned perfectly well, Grendel’s Den has had the saltiest of social media presences lately – funny and overtly political, and on Tuesday has an event to match: a special menu of Russian small dishes labeled “Russia Wins!” offered throughout the Super Tuesday primary.

“Celebrate like a Russian on Super Tuesday with vodka and zakuski, because no matter the results, the Russians will be celebrating,” Grendel’s says on Facebook. The cold snacks, often meant to alternate with shots of vodka, can “comfort us as our hope and faith in American democracy crumbles to its inevitable end.”

After the trickle of primaries and caucuses seen in a contentious presidential campaign season, Super Tuesday features primaries from 15 states nationwide, including Massachusetts, but also locations as big and diverse as California, Arkansas and American Samoa (which cannot then vote in the November presidential election). 

Kari Kuelzer, owner of the Harvard Square staple since 1971, has arranged for Grendel’s to show primary results as they come in, but people are urged “in all seriousness” to come in only after they have cast their own ballots. 

Then it’s time for shots of Stoli vodka “to drown our sorrows.”

“We’ll be here to congratulate you if your candidate wins or hug you if they don’t,” Grendel’s says.