Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Challenger running for committee for the first time

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Background: Higher ed administration, theater arts and music | Focuses: Antiracist, equitable education; restructuring disciplinary policies and practices; community engagement


Why did you decide to run for a seat on the School Committee?

It is time to have a voice on the committee that speaks for those who continuously go unheard. I am running because I know this district can be much better than it is. It just needs some strong community members willing to dig deep and put in the work. I am running to inspire other community members to step up and be in service of their community.

What are the top three issues you would like to address if elected?

Equitable education for all.  Lifting the educational standards for our black, brown, and low-income students.

Community engagement. Having a 360 approach to education and allowing the voices of the unheard to be heard.

Additional support and training. Creating additional training and supports for our teachers, LGBTQ+ community, and our Black, Brown and low-income families.

What are the most effective ways to strengthen the district’s initiatives to promote social justice and racial equity?

The district has made good steps toward promoting social justice and racial equity. First, in identifying and acknowledging what we aren’t doing. Second, in the creation of the office for Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. But we must go further than some actions and one department. To truly promote social justice and racial equity, we must fix our disciplinary practices; root out the teachers, coaches, staff and administrators that harm our students; embed social justice and racial equity work into our curriculum; and require cultural competency and restorative justice training (with follow-ups) for all district employees. These are a few actions that can put us on the right track.

How can the district improve its efforts to provide culturally sensitive instruction tailored to student interests, skill sets and ambitions in light of the diversity of student backgrounds? 

We must decolonize the curriculum. With added support, we can identify new learning styles. Every school should incorporate culturally conscious activities throughout the school year.

As a School Committee member, how would you encourage the district’s after-school providers and partners to improve or expand services?

We need to make sure all of our students and staff are supported. I would encourage the superintendent and the cabinet to perform a deep dive into our curriculum, as well as data from teacher and student assessments, to see what worked and what didn’t. Also, to look to other schools and districts to see where their strengths are and use that knowledge to build and uplift our district.

As a School Committee member, how would you encourage the district’s after-school providers and partners to improve or expand services?

I would work with committee members, the city manager and City Council, and the Department of Human Services Programs to identify funding and other supports that would help in hiring additional out-of-school teaching staff and allow the programs to increase their capacities.

What processes would you put into place to encourage parents and caregivers to have a voice in shaping the district’s priorities?

I would like to work with the committee to create seats for representatives from caregiver, teacher and student groups so they can participate and have a voice on committee and subcommittee meetings. I will also hold monthly meetings for each group.