Friday, May 24, 2024

I met Marc McGovern several years ago at a political gathering. As I was chatting with him, I mentioned that I was having issues with my landlord. I had been without heat for two days in 13-degree weather in December, and it was a Friday and had been told it wouldn’t be fixed until Tuesday. Marc jumped into problem-solving mode, and it was a great relief that he did. He gave me several city resources to deal with both the heat and the landlord situation, and then said, “here’s my personal cell number – if you need help over the weekend anytime, please call.” I couldn’t believe that a city councilor was willing to help me at a moment’s notice on a Friday night.

But that is Marc McGovern. He is a social worker by trade and by heart. During this past year and a half he has been taking care of the most vulnerable people in our community: the unhoused, those getting evicted because they can’t pay rent, those who are experiencing food insecurity and those who were in financial crisis because of losing a loved one to Covid.

Marc is the only mental health care worker on the Cambridge City Council and these past 18 months have shown us how much we need and rely on the health care workers in our community to get us through. I urge you to vote for Marc #1 on Nov. 2nd.

Elizabeth Baldwin, Massachusetts Avenue