Friday, May 24, 2024

Vote for justice on or before Tuesday.

This election, voters have a chance to elect five candidates who have pledged to work for justice. Challengers Burhan Azeem, Tonia Hicks and Theodora Skeadas have joined in a coalition with incumbents Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler and Quinton Zondervan to offer voters a clear choice. These candidates have pledged to stand together for bold action on climate change, housing affordability, tenant protections and racial justice.

​We want to hire a progressive city manager who will actually deliver on council priorities such as affordable housing, universal pre-kindergarten, municipal broadband, expanded after-school programs, low-barrier housing options for unhoused people, and implementation of the Heart program as an alternative public safety response.

We are voting “yes” on all three charter reform ballot questions. Longer term, we support switching from Plan E to a more democratic form of government.

We are united in our commitment to bike and pedestrian safety and to the implementation of the Bike Safety Ordinance as written, without delay. We support a safer Memorial Drive that prioritizes people over cars, and we want to expand open space opportunities for people of all ages. We need a Green New Deal for Cambridge.

We all supported the 2072 Massachusetts Ave. proposal to build 49 green affordable housing units near Porter Square, and we want the city to issue a bond order to accelerate the creation of affordable housing.

You can learn more at and please remember to vote for the Justice Coalition, in any order, on or before Tuesday!

Burhan Azeem, Tonia Hicks, Theodora Skeadas, Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler and Quinton Zondervan, candidates for City Council