Sunday, May 26, 2024

A group protests in Harvard Square on Saturday against repression in Iran. (Photo: Alex Bowers)

Three protests against governments in Iran and China converged Saturday in Harvard Square.

More than 80 Iranian-Americans and allies from around New England waved posters and chanted in support of human rights in Iran – particularly women’s rights – in a protest organized by the From Boston to Iran group. Additional Saturday protests are planned, organizers said.

A second protest in Harvard Square on Saturday focuses on China and Taiwan. (Photo: Alex Bowers)

At the same time, a small but determined group marked its 12th year and 144th monthly protest against mainland China’s military stance against Taiwan. The Formosan Association for Public Affairs, Massachusetts Chapter, promotes diplomatic recognition of Taiwan. Most countries do not recognize it.

The protest over Taiwan mingled with one critical of the Chinese Communist Party, highlighting the plight of what demonstrators called more than 1,300 political prisoners in Hong Kong.