Thursday, June 20, 2024

A Cottage Street road mural designed by artist Ashley Snight, seen standing on her work. (Photo: Roy Russell)

You can’t top the residents of Cottage Street in Cambridgeport for colorful creativity, even if you drive over the evidence.

A road-top mural showing street pride – something of a Cottage industry for residents, you could say – was completed at a recent block party, resident Roy Russell said in June.

The project was undertaken by artist and Cottage Street resident Ashley Snight with her husband, who is also in a creative field. It was the couple’s first collaboration, Snight said.

“I was able to sketch ideas, then he digitized and mocked them up in 3D space to help visualize it. Once the layout was complete, we were able to play with different colors to finalize the design,” Snight said. They settled on a design about 36 hours before the block and painting party. “We wanted the design to be accessible for all the neighbors of our street and community to stop by, pick up a brush and mingle. It was a true labor of love seeing everyone come together to complete the painting.”

The design took a lot of thought, since it would be permanent, she said.

“We wanted to make sure it would encompass the spirit of the street – the colors of the art take into account the house and door colors on our street,” Snight said.“The background geometric design is graphic and vibrant.”

Residents, of course, see the art daily, but they say they also notice cars slowing to look at the painting and pedestrians stopping and lingering.

“I hoped this would create joy in our community, but seeing that happen on our street is better than expected,” Snight said.“The design will be there for years … It’d be amazing to have other streets in Cambridge do something similar to bring life to our streets.”