Thursday, June 13, 2024

Some Cambridge Athletic Hall of Fame inductees in 2012. (Photo: Larry Aaronson)

The Cambridge Athletics Hall of Fame is accepting nominations for the first time sinc 2018. Athletes, coaches, teams and distinguished contributors are eligible for nomination five years after leaving Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.

Those nominated “should be considered to have brought recognition, honor, distinction and excellence to their athletic programs,” according to the organization’s press release. You can nominate someone through the organization’s Google form or paper form through the next week.

Those selected will be honored during a ceremony Nov. 16.

Since its founding in 1981, the Hall of Fame has had five inductee classes in 1981, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2018.

“Cambridge Athletics has a very rich and powerful tradition over the course of time. It’s awesome for us to be able to look at past participants in the involvement of not only high school athletics, but the involvement of Cambridge athletics at the high school level,” said committee member Tom Arria, also the high school’s athletic director.

Arria said the organization is looking for applications completed with supporting evidence attesting to a nominee’s athletic history and contributions. For example, local papers used to provide extensive coverage of local sports, and those filling out applications could scour articles highlighting their nominee, Arria said.

Jamalh Prince, head track and cross-country coach at CRLS, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017 after a nomination he believed came from one of his former coaches. Prince was nominated for his performance as a track athlete during his time at the school, where he graduated in 1988.

Prince recalled his induction ceremony in November 2017 fondly. His daughters were in the audience and could see him be honored for a part of his past they were unable to see. “I remember it because of all the people it brought together from my past and my present. I met some new people; we rekindled some old experiences,” Prince said.

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony and banquet offers attendees and nominees an opportunity to reminisce on the impact they had on their community, teams and themselves, organizer said.

“It gives purpose and meaning to a time that has gone past. It also gives purpose and meaning to who you are now, because a lot of us developed a lot of our life skills through that experience. So when you see these people in the Hall of Fame, many of them have gone on to do great things, and a lot of that came during the time that got them the recognition,” Prince said.

Those who wish to nominate someone like Prince or anyone who fits the criteria on the organization’s website should fill out the application by June 1. Ticket information will be available on the Hall of Fame section of the organization’s website as it becomes available.