Attend meetings on lower majorities for zoning, pool repair, MCAS tests and ice cream from a lab

Attend meetings on closing of Riverbend Park; getting City Hall contracts; and police inventory

‘Riverbend Park’ will be available for exercisers early this week, open Thursday through Sunday

Council okays $18M to buy school’s 4-acre field, expecting some affordable housing will be sited

Attend meetings on adding 4 acres of open space; coronavirus vaccines; in-person learning; more 

Police hand over data about bike fines to board, but missing details makes figures’ value a puzzle

Covid-19 makes bikes more important than ever; It also complicates everything about getting one

‘Saturday at the Armory’ live streaming event: See-it-to-believe-it classes with anticipated arts

Public had use of golf course for a week or so; resumption of play closes its gates to walkers

Hospitals’ coronavirus bed count rising steeply, while number of residents infected leaps to 483